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Rooga is the Latest Hollywood Song of 2021. The Many Men Song is Sung by
Rooga. The Many Men Song Music is Given by Rooga. The many Men Song Lyrics is written by Rooga. The Many Men Song is Released on 31st December 2020.
The many Men Song is Presented by Billy Kauck.


Song Title: Many Men

Singer: Rooga

Lyrics: Rooga

Music: Rooga

Label: Billy Kauck



When I heard that they had a 

hunnid on my head

I went inside the crib, 

and grabbed the hunnid 

off the bed

But you gon’ need more than bread 

if you want me dead

Cause I got many men, 

that’ll hop out mini-vans and 

kill any man

Play with the gang, 

it’ll come with repercussions

I speak English,

 but this heat a Russian

You better not reach for nothing

Playing street, 

now he laying in the street 

for something

Back in school, 

I taught the teacher something

Cause I was bumping back, 

run up on me wrong

You’ll be jumping back, 

.40 got a nigga doing jumping jacks

Head-shot, honour that, 

boy it ain’t no coming back

Try to stand your ground, 

you gon get’cho ass put under that

Long live my brother Scrapp, 

he bitchеd grown men

I told him stand on all ten, 

cause you your own man

I’m thе type to follow 

you like I’m a whole fan

Hop out a whole van, 

fuck up your whole plans nigga

Running O.T., 

that shit ain’t safe too

Cause I got killers in the A too, 

and them niggas hang with 

Drake too

And ain’t no drivebys, 

we footwork like we 

Phaze too

We all do they cause we no one 

and we grazed two

Ain’t gonna mention the dead, 

just remember they dead

We got Macs n’ Uzis, 

they runnin’ like Smokey n’ Craig

But this is not a movie, 

you might catch a shot to the head

Like inside a movie, 

they gon’ see inside of your head

The ones that seem to talk a lot, 

be the ones that walk a lot

Whenever we caught an opp, 

he caught a shot

Way before corona, 

we wore masks nigga

Just in case they tried to run, 

we brought a fast nigga

Don’t be the last nigga

Yeah I rap, 

But don’t get shit confused

Cause when I cut off Pro Tools, 

I use a different tool

I keep a different gun for 

when I’m in a different mood

You can get your top popped 

like you at Jiffy Lou

Look, and it ain’t shit to find out 

where you lay at

That lil’ hoe you think your hoe, 

she told us where you stay at

And money can’t protect you, 

you would die in the Maybach

He won’t never speak again, 

it ain’t shit to say back

And free my nigga Beans, 

he was whorin’ niggas

There weren’t no question about no hits, 

he just go and get ’em

They ask me how I know this shit, 

cause I was blowin’ wit’em

We weren’t tryin’ to do no talking, 

we was showin’ niggas

Look, they know when the summer hit, 

we got drums and sticks

You know what come with this

Whoever speakin’ down on Duck, 

then suck a dick

We got Glocks n’ Choppas, 

spot ’em, got ’em

Nigga running, he ain’t 

even hollering

He won’t even get to see the doctor

He won’t get to see tomorrow

Boy, that chopper open ya 

top up like the letter U

I got killers that pop up 

if I tell ’em to

If I let them loose, 

they might nail a few

Niggas’ll disappear like 

Cinderalla shoe

Bullets enter you, then exit you, 

then X out you

You think you tough? You off the pill, 

I’ll shoot the X out you

And ain’t no such things as giving passes

We was giving patches

Boy, this choppa got attachments, 

it’ll unfold like a mattress

I don’t leave the house without my blick, 

I keep it glued to me

So if you plan on shooting me, 

then I’ma have to take a few with me

That’s two or three, 

it’s either you or me

And it ain’t two of me

And this just the beginning, 

you might as well get used to me


( Copyright @2021 – 2022)


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