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ROLL UP LYRICS » BJEEZY ft. 99NATION: The Roll Up Lyrics / Roll up Song
Lyrics by Bjeezy ft. 99Nation is the Latest Hollywood Song of 2020. The
Roll Up Song is Sung by Bjeezy. The Roll Up Song is Featuring by 99Nation.
The Roll Up Song Music is Given by Bjeezy. The Roll Up Song Lyrics is
written by Bjeezy. The Roll Up Song is Released on 31st December 2020. The
Roll Up Song is Presented by AveryB.

ROLL UP LYRICS » BJEEZY ft. 99NATION » Lyrics Over A2z

Song Title: Roll Up

Singer: Bjeezy

Lyrics: Bjeezy

Music: Bjeezy

Label: AveryB


I got bad bitches 

In my fucking dm

Talking to they bestfriend 

Like i can’t wait to see him 

These niggas stalk the gang 

Like Ohh i wanna be them 

I got nothing but dimes 

On my fucking roster 

These niggas not 99 

They is fucking imposters

Nigga talking shit gone cost ya 

Yeah i done really done bossed up 

Fuck on yo bitch then i tossed her 

These niggas broke ain’t my problem 

Really big dog yeah im a shot caller 

If you want problems 

Then you know we gone solve 

Em slide on yo block and 

Get hit with that choppa 

Then ran up thеm racks now 

They can’t even еvolve 

Too many racks yeah 

You know we real ballers 

Extra lost made me grind 

Now im poppin..

I made 10k on a bad month 

Bank account filled with them commas 

Andre i stay with some drummers 

I got the ball i can’t fumble..

Imma pass her to the gang 

99 bitch you can’t hang 

Im having racks like a slang 

Revenue come with my name 

To much money lot of fame 

AB really having racks 

Socialblade stacks 

Swear that shit really is cap 

Buy a whip double it back 

Still got niggas in the trap 

Youtuber but i can’t like 

He pushed up on me 

But he ain’t know i strapped

Strapped with the Mac 

Might go to cali one day 

Just to pick up my plaque 

It really ain’t nothing 

I get it right back..

I go to the mall 

And then i spend it at saks 

Keep fucking up all of my racks 

I don’t give a fuck cause 

I get it right back 

If a nigga talk shit 

Imma make him get back 

With the Glock 

With the mufuckin strap 

And the Mac..

Shoot that boy right in his temple 

I got yo bitch licking nipples 

She wanna fuck with me 

But it ain’t that simple 

Make the wrong move 

And get popped like a pimple 

Straight to the top like mufuckin missle 

Fuck her one time 

But no i don’t kiss you 

After im done then imma dismiss 

You getting this cash 

I don’t know what’s the issue

Shit ion even know to ken shit 

Damn goddamn ben-jamin franklin 

Nigga talk shit swear to god 

I might spank him damn..

Why they always tryna be me 

Aye can’t see em like im stevie 

Walk around on these streets 

With the yeezy 350 v on my back 

I ain’t friendly and that bitch tryna 

Bite my style too 

Walked in the mall 3000$$ my drip 

Damn i ain’t even try to shit 

I been on top bout 3 years 

On my momma shit 

Ain’t flop aye 

Aye Northside, Montgomery Shit

Long Live Chop!

Roll up g 

Smoking dope can’t go to sleep 

It’s bout 4 roll up..

I had to roll up 

Killas roll up in a 4 door 

She ate the dick fruit roll up 

With the fruit roll up..

( Copyright @2021 – 2022)


ROLL UP LYRICS » BJEEZY ft. 99NATION Official Song Video


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