Takeoff Lyrics » D’Aydrian Harding Ft. Filmer

Takeoff Lyrics » D’Aydrian Harding Ft. Filmer
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Takeoff Lyrics » D’Aydrian Harding Ft. Filmer : The Takeoff Lyrics / Takeoff Song Lyrics by D’Aydrian Harding Ft. Filmer is the Latest English Song of 2022. The Takeoff Song is Sung by D’Aydrian Harding Ft. Filmer. The Takeoff Song Music is Given by D’Aydrian Harding & Filmer & The Lyrics is Written by D’Aydrian Harding & Filmer. The Takeoff Song is Released on 18th October, 2022. The Takeoff Song is Presented by D’Aydrian Harding.

Takeoff Song Details :

Song TitleTakeoff
SingerD’Aydrian Harding Ft. Filmer
MusicD’Aydrian Harding & Filmer
LyricsD’Aydrian Harding & Filmer
Release Date18th October, 2022
LanguageEnglish (Rap)
LabelD’Aydrian Harding

Takeoff Lyrics » D’Aydrian Harding Ft. Filmer

I’m ready to take off,
nigga talk tough then we blowin’ his face off..
All this cake got us havin a bake off,
All this hard work on god is gon pay off..
my choppa is sick,
nigga that’s why the drac off..

These niggas be pussy,
they flake off..
My future bright like,
I’m taking my shades off..

Smoke the pot and,
we rap in the stu..
Get the bag and,
we stackin on boof..

On the roof and,
we slide in the coupe..
Down to catch,
a lil body or two Bow..


Down to catch,
a lil body or four..
Couple shooters they,
stay by the door..

Ask your mans yeah,
they up n reload..
Ten bands and they slide,
and reload..

He said That we making in,
ten we gon skirt off,
tires scratchin hop in the Benz..
Track off it’s so loud,
it’s so fast I’m hittin the gas,
I get lost in the wind..

She childish she act like a kid,
so fuck the bullshit,
I’m hop on her friend..

It’s the last you gon hear us,
so cut the beat off,
man you know this the end..

BridgeD’Aydrian Harding & Filmer,
Nah, ain’t no way you gon end,
the song like that..

Bruh it’s too hard,
it’s too hard..
I mean it was hard but bro,
we gotta give more than that..
that was a minute long bruh..

You want to?
I think we go to,
this not really out choice man..
Alright bet..

Verse 2D Aydrian Harding & Filmer,
You thought we was done..
but we got some more of that,
If you want beef then we outside..

If you wanna snap we outside,
if you wanna flex we outside..
Hop in the Tesla, no keys,
and it’s tinted..

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I scratch off the lock,
get the tag it ain’t rented..
I got a bad bitch,
bend her over then drill it..

These niggas they hate us,
we stand on our business..
I know that I’m golden,
and not no retriever..

I hit her one time,
I’ma snatch her and leave her..
On Youtube I’m blowin up,
just off the meter..

Man Cooter take off,
I’ma need me a breather..
Now that I’m back and,
I’m talkin my shit..

Remember the time,
I ain’t never had shit..
Look like a bum,
but you know that I’m rich..

Look at the gang man,
you know that we lit..
I don’t got to keep guac’ in my pocket,
to show these lil niggas know that,
I’m legit..

I stay in the A I feel like El Chapo the way,
I’m controlling this shit..
I play the nice guy you push the wrong button,
we ending up blowin’ this bitch..

Niggas be watch watchin my life,
I might just go and start me a Twitch..
I’ma hit from the back,
have her screamin..

Off the molly,
she booted she geekin..
I’ma fuck the bitch..
then hit the gritty,
her nigga keep callin..
ain’t know she was cheating..

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Like Serena you know we bring racks in,
Spend a five got a dub and we back ten..
Crazy money people think we trappin,
Face down let me see how that back bend..

Back bend and she lowkey an acrobat,
She a blunt so you know that we passin that..
Nigga I’m sober,
so don’t even pass that..

My bad gang you know,
that this rap is cap
You good they know.
that we cappin too..

Goin crazy the first time in the stu,,
We times two and on God,
we ain’t number two..
You on top nobody could fuck
with you..

Takeoff Lyrics » D’Aydrian Harding Ft. Filmer

Written by : D’Aydrian Harding & Filmer

Takeoff Lyrics » D’Aydrian Harding Ft. Filmer » Official Music Video

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