Freestyle 3 Lyrics » Ken Carson

Freestyle 3 Lyrics » Ken Carson
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Freestyle 3 Lyrics » Ken Carson : The Freestyle 3 Lyrics / Freestyle 3 Song Lyrics by Ken Carson is the Latest English Song of 2022. The Freestyle 3 Song is Sung by Ken Carson. The Freestyle 3 Song Music is Given by Ken Carson & The Lyrics is Written by Ken Carson. The Freestyle 3 Song is Released on 31st October, 2022. The Freestyle 3 Song is Presented by Ken Carson.

Freestyle 3 Song Details :

Song TitleFreestyle 3
SingerKen Carson
MusicKen Carson
LyricsKen Carson
Release Date31st October, 2022
LanguageEnglish (Rock)
LabelKen Carson

Freestyle 3 Lyrics » Ken Carson

When I Heard My Weed Came In A Bag,
My Lean Came Sealed..
My Molly All White Like Cocaine Yeah For Real,
My Bitch Just Stuck Three Lines,
She Got Cocaine On Her Lips..

Got Fangs Yeah I’m Vamp,
Got Fangs Yeah I’m Vamp Bitch (X-man)..
O-p-i-u-m He Was Talkin That Shit,
Nigga Got His Mouth Stitched..

Niggas Ain’t Fuckin With Him,
They Ain’t Fuckin With Xman Hell Nah,
I’m With My College Bitch Oh Yeah,
We Geeked Up On Adderall..

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He Tweakin He Off Bath Salt,
That Boy He Goin’ Crazy..
But If He Try Me And My Gang,
We Gon Leave His Body On The Pavement..

Pull Up In That Space Coupe,
Pull Up In That May’, Bitch..
Just Pulled Up In The Maybach,
My Chains On Like Jay-z..

Young Nigga But I Got Money Like Jay-z,
I Ran Up The Bands..
Told My Bitch She Better Be Outside,
The Airport Before I Land..

My Bitch Freaky She Go Both Ways,
But She Not No Trans..
Bitch I’m Geekin I Get Too High,
Get Yourself Out My Stands..

You Can Tell By The Way I Stand,
I’m Too High I’m Too Geeked..
You Can Tell By The Way I Stand,
I Got Swag Marni My Jeans..

I Put Marni On Her And Her Team,
And Then I Put My Gang In Balenci..’
These Niggas Stuck In 2015,
They Rockin Supreme And Vintage..

I Put A Switch On A Drac Now It’s A Fully,
At First It Was Just A Semi..
I Don’t Think These Pussy Niggas Hear Me,
I’ma Shoot This Bitch Until It’s Empty..

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I’ma Shoot This Bitch Til That Bit Click Clicks,
Look At My Wrist Yeah It Glisten..
Look At My Watch Yeah It’s Iced Out..

Look At My Mo Fuckin Necklace..
Look At My Mo Fuckin Neck Bitch..
Look At My Mo Fuckin Neck Bitch..

Bitch You Should’ve Went Down Alex Moss,
But Instead You At The Elliot..
I Make Her Suck My Dick ’til She Lockjaw,
Then I Bend Her Over On The Bed..

I Fuck On That Bitch,
And Now We On The Countertop..
Think We Slidin On Percocets,
Got To Thank You To My Drugs (Yeah)..
Thank You To My Plug (Yeah),
Got To Thank God I’m Up (Yeah)..

I Was Just Broke The Other Day,
Now A Young Nigga Rich As Fuck (Yeah-yeah)..
These Niggas They All In My Way (Yeah),
I Swear These Niggas Suck (Yeah)..

I’m The Only Nigga In My Lane,
Just Keep That Shit A Buck..
I Almost Cried Tears Of Joy..

Freestyle 3 Lyrics » Ken Carson

Written by : Ken Carson

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