Freestyle 2 Lyrics » Ken Carson

Freestyle 2 Lyrics » Ken Carson
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Freestyle 2 Lyrics » Ken Carson : The Freestyle 2 Lyrics / Freestyle 2 Song Lyrics by Ken Carson is the Latest English Song of 2023. The Freestyle 2 Song is Sung by Ken Carson. The Freestyle 2 Song Music is Given by Ken Carson & The Lyrics is Written by Ken Carson. The Freestyle 2 Song is Released on 13th January, 2023. The Freestyle 2 Song is Presented by Ken Carson.

Freestyle 2 Song Details :

Song TitleFreestyle 2
SingerKen Carson
MusicKen Carson
LyricsKen Carson
Release Date13th January, 2023
LanguageEnglish (Rock)
LabelKen Carson

Freestyle 2 Lyrics » Ken Carson

I Put That Hoe In Prada And After,
I Made Her Holla..
And My Bro Took Off Yo Mans,
I Heard That Was Yo Top Shotta..
I Got Vetements On My Pants And,
My Shirt Balenciaga..
Huh.. Huh.. Huh.. Huh.. Huh..
Huh.. Huh.. Huh.. Huh..

My Swag Came A Long Way,
I Was Rockin Nadai Don’t Give A Fuck Bout’ What A Hoe Say,
These Hoes Not My Problem (Problem)..
Send A Hunnid Shots Out That Rolls Aye,
Them 762’s Got Em..
Huh.. Huh.. Huh.. Huh.. Huh..
Huh.. Huh.. Huh.. Huh..


Them 762’s Hit His Body,
Made Him Harlem Shake..
I Get To That Bag To That Cake,
You Procrastinated..

Now She Wanna Fuck With Me Now But
She Pulled Up Too Late..
When I Send Me Boy A Opp To Drop,
He Be So Fascinated..

Fuck The D.a.,
They Got No Evidence,
They Close That Case..
If A Nigga Thinkin It’s Shit Sweet,
He Get Shot In His Face..

I Got Glock 19’s Arp’s,
I Got Hella K’s..
I Been Servin Codeine,
To These Fiends Yeah They Sippin Drank..

5k A Pt Whatchu Mean?
Bitch That’s No Debate..
I Been Countin Blues,
Countin Green Like It’s Earth Day..

And That Nigga Think He Me,
But He Not Me, On My Worst Day..
I Just Spent Yo Rent On,
My Motherfuckin Shirt..

These Niggas Think We Playing,
Hell Nah, This Ain’t Nerf..
Pull Up To A Nigga Land,
Pull Up To His Turf..

Pull Up With That Mac10,
Pull Up Go Berserk..
I Been Off That X Again,
I Can Feel It In My Nerves..

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Now She Wanna Fuck With Ken,
That Lil Bitch Getting Curved..
My Lil Bitch She Not A 10,
She A 103rd..

And I Withdrawed All The Money That Was At The Bank,
Bitch That’s Word..
I Got Wockhardt In My System,
That’s Why My Word Slur..

They Was So Surprised When They Kilt Him,
But That Was Chirpin Like A Bird..
Nigga I’m The Shit, Like A Turd,
But My Shit Smell Like Cologne..

I Fuck Her Face Yeah Fuck Her Make Up Up,
Then I Send That Bitch Home..
You Don’t Wanna Race Yeah,
This A Srt With A Red Eye Package On..

You Don’t Want No Smoke Bitch,
Fn 57’s Shoot A Nigga In His Dome..
Hit That Boy In His Chest,
Hit His Heart Now It’s Chrome..

Huh, I Told That Pussy Nigga Yeah Leave Me Alone,
Huh Huh Shouldn’t Have Fucked With A Member, Huh..
Ya Shouldn’t Have Fucked With The Gang, Huh,
Ya Shouldn’t Fucked With A X.m.a.n Yeah..

And All My Niggas Masked Up,
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Just Like Bane..
And All My Nigga In Control Of This Shit Yeah
Like A Game..

Freestyle 2 Lyrics » Ken Carson

Written by : Ken Carson

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