AAA LYRICS » YUNGMANNY : The AAA LYRICS by YUNGMANNY  / YungManny – AAA Song Lyrics / AAA Lyrics by YungManny is the Latest Official English Song of 2020. The YungManny – AAA Song is Sung by YungManny. The YungManny – AAA Song Music is Given by YungManny. The YungManny – AAA Song Lyrics is written by YungManny. The  YungManny – AAA Song is Released on 19th May 2020. The YungManny – AAA Song is Presented by YungManny.


Song : AAA

Singer : YungManny

Music : YungManny

Lyrics : YungManny

Label : YungManny



I’m tryna slide on these niggas

G-19 and the clip is extended 


Shoot at his face, 

diamonds [?]

These niggas like goons, 

got so many M’s

Come get a zip of this Bentley 

it’s limited (limited)

Mortal Kombat, head chop, 

purp I’ma finish him

Hop in the streets, real gang, 

no scrimmages

White plug, he might just 

shoot up the cinema (bah)

I’m tired of all these new rappers, 

they need to die, they not crankin’

Nightmare, dream of the night that 

I slept with the AR, (pew)

I had to sent em’ to Satan

My nigga was hot so we hanged him, 

no saving

Shells in his back like Franklin

[?] at the [?] so you know that we angry

[?] like a cake, we gon’ bake em’ (uh)

Load up that zip with that (?)

That boy a bitch, 

he’s a teeter

She in my DM’s, 

that hoe is a geeker

Freak bitch, we ran a train 

but it’s me first

She sucking dick so long, 

said her knees hurt

Hashtag gunk, she’s a whole 

‘nother creatures

Niggas got so much to say 

from the bleachers

College tuition. 

I charge for a feature

Bust a caddy and my stick in a pod

Run up yo dead man 

with the Biscotti

Twin Glocks, 

I call em’ Keed and Lil Gotit

One time stop, whatchu need? 

Bitch I got it

Perc 10, these ain’t no anti-biotics

I learned how to make me a 

gun in robotics

That perk gon’ dissolve in water, 

you gon’ die, bitch

We got them bombing fluids, 

no hydraulics

Catch them plays like (?) we patriotic

I’m ’bout to sign, 

can’t bring no electronics

FN 57 make em’ turn the topic

Poles be in the back, 

call that shit exotic

They tried stop, 

I had it on me that’s ironic

(Put that bitch in a lake, aquatic)

Hit his ass in the head with a bottle, 

that bitch alcoholic

Ain’t had no groupie made bitch, 

I ain’t start

10 toes down in the film bitch 

I’m Kunta Kinte

Drop a nigga, 

fuck dropping a mixtape

And that bitch ass nigga be smart 

when he choosing his friends

Niggas dying just ’cause of the message

Got a real bad bitch, 

she a slime, she’ll set yo ass up

Hit his ass with the 

“Hey big head”

Nigga how you ain’t slide 

but you cried when yo’ man dead

Niggas hesitate, it was me? 

Would of been slide




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